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Keyword Research

KeyWord Research

A keyword is a word or a Phrase. Keyword research is nothing but recognizing the words or phrases used by the common man to search in a search engine.Keyword Research plays a vital role in any website. If keyword research is strong, one can successfully build the right traffic.

Following techniques can be used for Keyword research:

1.Brain Storming/Manual Entry: Brainstorming is nothing but manually jotting down all the possible keywords one can think of while searching in a search engine.

2.Google Suggestion: When a user search in a search engine, google gives suggestions to the user to complete their search keywords by prompting different keywords based on the frequently used keywords by other users.

3.Competitor Analysis: Keywords can be extracted from the websites of a few close competitors by going through their source code.

4. Keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, etc., help the user by giving maximum keywords along with the search volume. This helps the user to analyze effective keywords for a website.

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